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Tropical Maxi Dress // Navy
Tropical Maxi Dress // Navy
Tropical Maxi Dress // Navy
Tropical Maxi Dress // Navy

Tropical Maxi Dress // Navy

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Hope and Harvest
This dress is hands down one of the BEST pieces we have ever made.

The fabric is beautiful. The fit is SO comfortable, like pajamas, but looks like a chic urban boho outfit. You can just throw this dress on and go, and you look completely put together. The neckline is sexy but subtle, the waist can be left open and free or sinched in for a great fit. The patch pockets are perfect for holding ALL of the things. The hem is a beautiful addition, and whether you are a shorty or a tall-y, you can definitely wear this look. This dress is one that people come back to buy every season and in every colour/print.

You will fall in love with this dress as much as we have. This is why we have brought it back in this season. We have also discovered that it is a PERFECT maternity dress! Our head designer wore this dress in every colour for her entire pregnancy.

Fabric feels:

Made from lightweight organic cotton and mixed with stunning Modal, this fabric has no stretch, a lightweight breezy wear, and a soft feel. It is quick drying and will only crinkle if you throw it on the floor after a big day. If you leave it hanging, you will find that you only need to give it a little steam here and there before wear. This is our favourite fabric to use for the hotter months.