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The Tailor - Proper Fit
The Tailor - Proper Fit
The Tailor - Proper Fit

The Tailor - Proper Fit

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Power of My People

To The Tailor;

If clothing is defined by the people who wear it, you are the one that creates the dictionary. Your philosophy is the hunt for perfection. The power of a well-made piece is what drives you - clothing that becomes invisible to the wearer while at the same time injecting self-assuredness and expression each time they wear it. Each drape has a purpose for movement or style, no fold without meaning and every stitch placed for a reason. The goal of your craft is to stay hidden, and that is why you love it. This shirt is dedicated to you.

Proudly Made in Canada.


  • Women's long sleeve, straight fitting button-up shirt with angled chest pocket and seamless front placket.
  • 100% Cotton, 4.4 oz,True White Oxford weave Fabric. Fibres sourced from USA & Egypt, milled in Portugal.
  • There's a reason every classic wardrobe has an Oxford shirt - versatile, crisp and low-maintenance, with a subtle crepe texture that adds depth and interest.
  • Washcold+ hang dry. Allow forapprox. 3/8" shrinkage on the length and 1/4" total shrinkage on the width.
  • Fabric is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) approved.