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About us

MODISH REBELS are dedicated to inspiring professional, style-conscious women, sizes 12 & up.
mod-ish /ˈmōdiSH: fashionable, stylish. Synonyms: au courant, chic, cool, edgy, exclusive, fresh, hip, sharp, smart, voguish
reb·el /ˈrebəl/: a person who resists convention. Synonyms: agent, bada$$, champion, disruptor, nonconformist, revolutionist, wave maker
OUR BELIEF: We believe that confidence is topped off with an incredible look, made for your curves, attuned to your style.
OUR STYLES: Polished but bold. Powerful but playful. Effortless but runway-inspired.
OUR STORY: While browsing for outfit inspiration, we noticed a trend. Style inspiration sites are organized into categories like workwear, weekend, night out... and plus size.... as if curvy women don't also need workwear, lounging outfit, and date night outfit??!! The fashion industry is failing women. As Modish Rebels, we say: not. any. more.
We passionately believe that body positivity isn't just a hashtag, it's a source of confidence for young professionals, executives, stay at home moms, etc. This is why we formed a community of Modish Rebels to give women size 12 & up a hand in finding their style a.k.a. their source of confidence.
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